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Have you ever wondered, 'Where can I take my dog at a national park?'. Finding pet policies for America's nationally protected lands such as Yosemite or Yellowstone National Park has now been made easy! We've researched all of the national parks, forests, monuments and other American public lands pet policies and consolidated them into one easy to use website. We've also included helpful hiking and camping details, allowing you to discover America's national treasures with your dog. So hit the trail and bring the pup too!

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America is a land of great natural beauty. From the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, the United States holds vast areas and waterways featuring many different climates; from arctic cold regions to sub-tropical – from rainforest to desert. Learn more about your public lands and how to help protect them Learn More »
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Your nationally protected lands need your help. With the government shutdown, many areas have been left helpless against abuse and misuse. Volunteer your time to help ensure these special areas are protected for future areas. Find areas where you can donate your time now. Learn More »