We live in SoCal and Big Sur is proximately 300 miles from Los Angeles, so the drive up or down PCH is the best way to literally “soak up” all the perfect California Views. On PCH it’s also very common for many to want to stop & visit San Simeon (Hearst Castle). Just a bit of advice, dogs are not allowed in Hearst castle, but there are still plenty of dog visiting view points that the pups can join you on.

Another key factor we thought many should know is the closures on PCH. Due to huge rainfall, there is a portion of PCH near Mud Creek & ragged point. Cal trans is aiming to reopen this portion of the PCH mid September in 2018 so later this year. My best advice to go inland onto the 5 to reach your destination. This has been affecting so many travellers since it’s been about a year now that this massive landslide has affected PCH.

The weather in California can always be so sporadic but theres something about the coast thats always drawn us to it. The fact that you can be shaded by the beautiful red woods but also be able to go down to the beach in just a few minutes is mind blowing to me. Big Sur California is bordered to the east by the Santa Lucia Mountains and the west by the Pacific Ocean.

oliblueboy exploring the california coast, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Santa Lucia Mountain

There are also so many dog friendly beaches and trails that can be explored with our furiends. We visited Garrapata state beach quite often because of how stunning the sand glass was on this beach as well as the beautiful caves located on this beach. Dogs are only permitted while on leash but our Oliver had no issue with that at all. Our second favorite beach along the coast has to be Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

The amazing rock formation and length of beach for everyone to see definitely filled out adventurous souls. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is more well known for its redwood groves but we loved it for the beach. Big Sur has so much to offer for both human and dogs to adventure comfortably. A lot of the campsites and even lodges are 100% dog friendly and comfortable, as well as close proximity to everything you want to do.


Other Public Lands Nearby:

oliblueboy exploring the california coast, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Santa Lucia Mountain

What are your favorite California Coastal spots to explore with your dog?